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Genealogy Consultation


One-on-one consultation, group education, public speaking and other consultation services for direction in genealogy pursuits.

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Our professional Genealogy Consultation services help you through one-on-one consultation, group classroom settings, speaking engagements and more, to reach your potential as family history enthusiast or professional. With more than 40 years leading the professional genealogy industry, the professional genealogists of Heirlines are here to teach, consult, and help you improve in your genealogical pursuits.

The purpose of our professional genealogy services is to help you break-thru difficult family tree challenges, extend your research, or even just get started in learning who your ancestors are. These services are meant to help you become a better genealogist and to accomplish your family history goals.

This service allows you to take advantage of the extensive experience, education, and qualifications of our professional genealogists to assist your in your family history and genealogy activities.

Genealogy Consultation Services Include:

  • One-on-One Consultations
  • Professional Reviews of Family History
  • Teaching Engagements
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Professional Genealogy Business Consultation
  • Priority Scheduling Included*

To get started, simply select above the number of hours of Genealogy Consultation you would like to apply towards your project, and then select “Add to Cart” to purchase. If you have questions before your purchase, simply call 1-800-570-4049 for a free consultation or click here to contact us online.

Billing & Shipping:
Payment in full by check, credit card or money order in United States Dollars is required before services will be rendered. The shipment of your completed report is included in the purchase of a research package. Additional fees may be required in cases of ordering copies of records from third parties (see Terms & Conditions).

Our Guarantee:
As a professional genealogy service provider we guarantee services will be rendered according to the hours purchased and the agreed upon research goals and in accordance to our Terms & Conditions. We make no guarantee or promises of being able to locate or produce specific results. Genealogy research is performed by well-educated, highly experienced, and credentialed professional genealogists, who will apply their expertise in the efforts to achieve research goals. Research goals may not be achievable if records are not available or not locatated within the allotted time purchased.

Refund Policy
We do offer refunds up to 90% of the time purchased if research has not begun and the project is still in the setup phase. You are purchasing our time to perform research & analysis, which is intangible, so once research begins no refunds will be issued.

Terms & Conditions:
Use of this site, and the terms and conditions for the sale of any goods and services, is governed by Heirlines’s Terms & Conditions. By using this site you acknowledge that you have read the Terms & Conditions, and that you accept and will abide the terms thereof.

* The time to completion is an estimate, and may vary depending on factors outside of our control, such as: waiting for special records that may need to be requested from third parties, waiting for clients to provide project setup information, etc.