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HEIRLINES Family History & Genealogy has Helped Thousands of Clients Discover the Joy of Family History and Genealogy for Over 40 Years!

Our clients and their satisfaction with the services and products we provide are of the utmost importance to us, and we would like to share with you some of their personal testimonials. If you are a client and would like to provide your feedback please contact us.

Carroll M.New Jersey, USA
"How can I thank you for all of the hard work, and extra time, that you have spent on this project? Just to say "thank you" isn't enough. Those two words only express a small part of my gratitude to you for having persevered with this research through many obstacles, and twists and turns. After you have finished your work, I am going to write an epilogue. No one knows my family better than you, and I want to share some of it's other history with you. I will be forever indebted to you for having helped my father find himself. I wish that it had not been posthumously, but I can't change what was meant to be. It is his dream that you have made come true. I was merely a conduit. His part in this endeavor as the source, as well as yours as the generator, are far more important than any small contribution that I may have made. That having been said, I want to ask one last favor of you. If you follow through with your plan to send an article to the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy , and need to name a descendant in it's context, please use my father's name. Your work is his legacy. For me, it's completion brings a sense of closure, and peace, to my father's passing."
Greg A.
Indiana, USA
"The service at Heirlines is excellent. My genealogy research was always prepared and ready when you said it would be, and sometimes much sooner than expected. Any questions about the research data was always answered promptly and satisfactorily. The quality of the research is unsurpassed. You don't just take the word of another persons' research, that you might find on the internet or elsewhere, as the gospel. You check all the facts available. The personel at Heirlines really seem to dig for their information, comparing and checking all available sources. While I know I can find someone less expensive, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am dealing with real professionals and not a weekend hobbyist, whose rates might be about the same and the quality not up to par. This is our fourth session with Heirlines and I don't believe we could have made this much progress on our own. We just don't have the knowledge and time. I am certain that my distant relatives, out there researching my family, are going to be in for a big surprise when they see the results I've gotten with Jim Petty and the personel at Heirlines."
William M.Alabama, USA
"Yesterday I received the research that your organization did on one of my ancestors. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you very much! If I have any other family history research that I want to be done, I will do business with your organization!"
Fred T.
Conneticut, USA
"If I have not said this before thank you very much for the previous research we worked on together, I was very pleased with your work and that is why I am seeking you again at this time. You guys were polite, professional, courteous, and thorough. I will be seeking your help again on other projects and I will definitely recommend your services to others. The phone conversation with Jim concerning DNA testing was an eye opener, so expect to hear from me again on that subject, I can use all the help I can get. Not to rant on too much but, another thing that makes your service so valuable is your accreditations. I feel that who ever I need to turn my findings over to will not be able to challenge the authenticity. You guys are the bomb!!! Thanks again."
Dean M.California, USA
"Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful research on my great, great grandfather's Civil War records. When I requested the research, I anticipated a couple of sheets of information. Imagine my surprise when I received over 60 pages of information covering his enlistment, the campaigns in which he served and his pension and medical records spanning over 60 years. We knew something of his Civil War service from family members and from newspaper articles in the community where he lived the last 25 years of his life. The records you provided amplified the information at hand and added additional insight into Grandpa Reed's character. It was a delight, for example, to read among one of his medical records, the doctor's opinion of him as "a man of exemplary habits." Again, thank-you for the quality of the geneaolgical research you provided. I sincerely hope you are successful in assisting many others in the wonderfully gratifying experience of knowing their ancestors."
Vivian T.
"The quality and value of the research reports that we have received have been excellent. It is particularly helpful that Mr. Petty included copies of original documents when it was possible. The analysis included was particularly helpful, as was cautionary notes."
Dena H.USA
"I wanted to thank you all for the work you did on my family history. I know the time limit I gave you, to have something by Christmas for my parents, was a short one, but you did a great job in trying to compile what you could. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to also get something FedEx'd to me so I would have something to give them. They were thrilled! They had been stumped for the last 3 years and were unable to go any further due to lack of resources. When they saw your work, and that you had come up with some names they hadn't found, it got them very excited about it again, and talking non-stop about what else you might be able to find. They wanted to be sure that I was going to have you continue! I told them it would be their Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, and every other holiday gift for the next 2 years! ...In the meantime, I wanted to be sure to thank you for everything you guys did, and to wish you all a very happy and prosperous and peaceful New Year!"
Timothy J.
"I received my packet of information today on the Krux family from Germany. THANK YOU very much. I'm surprised and very pleased with the quick turnaround. I will most certianly contact you in the near future to locate my g-g-great grandmother's immigration papers. Thanks again. I'm very pleased with your work."
Star R.Oregon, USA
"Working with Heirlines has been a gift to me and my entire family. I have been trying to trace my families mysterious past for years, and thanks to the diligent and hard work of the friendly people at Heirlines the mystery is being revealed! When I received my reports from them I was pleasantly surprised with a thick folder of information to read and to learn about my ancestral history. The information was very organized, thorough, professional and quite comprehensive! It has opened my eyes up to a world that is completely new for me. Not only has it opened up a new world for me, but it has also given me a stronger sense of who I am. It is also a gift because we now have really interesting stories to tell the children in the family! For example, they uncovered the fact that my Great Grandfather was a distinguished soldier during the Civil War. Because of their dedication and hard work we are now deploying them to research more of my family and also now my husband's family lines. I and my family are eternally grateful to Heirlines and would recommend their services to anyone interested in their ancestral history. Believe is an exhilarating experience."
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